This site chronicles the sailing adventures of Will, Sara, and our crew as we sailed Wanderlust, our Gulfstar 37, from California to Mexico and back.

We left San Francisco in October, 2006, and after a month-long trip down the coast, sailed south from San Diego with the Baja-haha in early November. From Cabo, we spent a month traveling to Puerto Vallarta, and were married in nearby Bucerias on December 18, 2006. We spent our month-long honeymoon sailing slowly down to Zihuatanejo, and blitzed back north in just two short months. We returned to San Francisco on April 4, 2007, and sold Wanderlust in October.

The experience was a fantastic adventure. We enjoyed the company of ten crewmembers during our six months at sea. Please see our best-of gallery or individual logs & reports for each leg of the trip.

Fair winds,

Will and Sara Sitch

Random 'best-of' trip reports:
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