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Oct 14: Passage from Cojo Anchorage to Santa Barbara

Sunrise at Cojo Anchorage


Breakers on the bar

We were up with the sunrise, happy in our protected cove. The head was still broken and no one onboard was unaffected. It was a crappy start to the day. (ahaha! Get it? Crappy!)

It is also Sean's birthday! For some horrible twisted reason, Sean wanted to help try to fix the head, so he jumped into the freezing water to try probing the exhaust valve from the outside. It was a shitty job, but someone had to do it. We all gathered round and sang him "Happy Birthday" before he jumped in.

Sean and his probing implement


Happy birthday, buddy

I guess it was colder than we thought in there. Sean poked and probed at the exhaust valve, but met no resistance and eventually was turning blue from hypothermia. We reluctantly lowered the swim ladder and allowed him back onboard. The head was still not operational. Mutiny was again being discussed.

Sean surfacing


Sean is a shit disturber

With Sean back onboard, we weighed anchor and Mike took us out of Cojo Anchorage and along the Southern California coastline. At first there was no wind...

Will, Mike, and Sara leaving Cojo


Southern California coastline

...but the wind and waves built, until we were ripping along at 7.5kts! It was awesome, we killed the engine, trimmed the sails, and enjoyed the breeze.

Sara drives us through the sea


Sails finally full

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We saw four more oil rigs today, each clearly visible from the shore, each stinking up the area with a smell similar to an asphault-laying machine, or maybe tar. They're funny-looking blobs in the otherwise featureless sea. I wonder how much petroleum is captured from these sites?

Oil rig off the starboard bow


Pasty white Will at the helm

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Everyone was happy with no engine noise, with sailing.

Mike and Sean sail on


Sara working the lines

We arrived in beautiful Santa Barbara just before 4PM, after sailing most of the way there. SB was our first 'SoCal' stop - palm trees, sandy white beaches, plastic surgery, and expensive gourmet grocery stores. Well, that last one we have in NorCal too.

Santa Barbara!


Palm trees and sandy beaches!

We grabbed some diesel and messed around with the head for a few hours. When I say "messed around", I mean it in the most disgusting literal sense of the phrase. It wasn't enjoyable. Sean helped a lot - wisely, Sara and Mike took showers and tried not to be around much. Happy Birthday, Sean!

Fill 'er up


This picture was just too nasty to share, so it's being left to your imagination. Don't imagine what it could look like.