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Leg 2 (Oct 30 to Nov 12): The Baja-Haha cruiser's rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas

On October 30th, 2006, we cast off from our slip in San Diego, clustered around the starting line with 150 other boats, then quietly sailed South out of the US and into Mexican waters. It was the beginning of our two-week journey down the Baja peninsula with the Latitude 38-sponsored Baja-Haha cruiser's rally / race.

We organized the ship's log day by day. The rally consists of three legs (two intermediate stops) and was a ton of fun.

You can read all about the start and our first day enroute from San Diego to Bahia Santa Maria by clicking the link on the left, or by following the 'previous' and 'next' links at the top of each page.

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