Vizcaino Bay action shot

Wanderlust is our 1978 Gulfstar aft-cockpit 37.

We bought her in May 2005 after the previous owners did a three-month hauled refit, spent the summer doing another full refit, left San Francisco in October and sailed more than 5000nm to Zihuatanejo, Mexico and back.

The Gulfstar 37 is a perfect couple's coastal cruiser; an ideal compromise between a fast modern boat (uncomfortable in strong weather) and a heavier full-keel cruiser (slow and unenjoyable to sail). Vizcaino Bay - the open stretch before Turtle Bay halfway down the Baja - is a place where you'll want a Gulfstar.

Wanderlust in beautiful Two Harbours

The Gulfstar 37 has a number of safety design items we were looking for:

At the same time, Wanderlust is fast and comfortable:

Dorado for dinner!

Please review the following details: