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Mar 7-9: Passage from the Espiritu Santo islands to Ensenada de Los Muertos to Los Frailes to Cabo San Lucas, lots of relaxing sailing, a pack of crazy manta rays, and a ton of whale sightings along the way

We couldn't just lie around in paradise all week - although we really really wanted to! - so we were up early for the day-long passage to Ensenada de Los Muertos.

Beautiful moon in the early morning


Fearless Captain Will traversing the anchorage

Sara enjoys her morning coffee


Angela takes over at the helm

Jeff isn't feeling so good


Perfect reading spot

Mansion at Muertos


More extravagance!

Our anchorage at Muertos


Neighbours at sunset

Leaving Ensenada de los Muertos


Smelly red tide (algae bloom)

Beautiful calm and horizon-less day (wallpaper size below)

Angela's hand smells funny


Catching some rays

Jeff trimming the jib


Working on the website

Funny looking wind-waves


It's a huge pack of rays!

Wow, a jumping ray!



...flap wings...



Swimming around the bow


Flapping wings

Ready... Set...



Dynamic trio looking for whales


Angela's excited!










What a tail!


Chunks missing

This guy came out of nowhere!


Good thing this guy is at the helm

Pirates on the horizon!


What a gorgeous sunset