Vizcaino Bay action shot

Wanderlust, our 1978 Gulfstar aft-cockpit 37, was for sale.

She was sold on Wednesday October 17th to Robert and Cappy of San Francisco, two wonderful new owners who we expect will enjoy her for a long time. It was a lot more emotional than Sara or I thought it would be. Follows is the advertisement:

We bought her in May 2005 after the previous owners did a three-month hauled refit, spent the summer doing another full refit, left San Francisco in October, sailed more than 5000nm to Zihuatanejo, Mexico and back, and now we find ourselves unfortunately selling her. We have not stripped her of essential cruising gear (dinghy, solar panels, anchors, electronics, library, charts, etc) - she needs nothing before leaving again.

The Gulfstar 37 is a perfect couple's coastal cruiser; an ideal compromise between a fast modern boat (uncomfortable in strong weather) and a heavier full-keel cruiser (slow and unenjoyable to sail). Vizcaino Bay - the open stretch before Turtle Bay halfway down the Baja - is a place where you'll want a Gulfstar.

Check out some of our sailing videos, they really highlight how our boat handles herself in closely-timed sharp choppy waves. You can find them online at our best-of video gallery.

Wanderlust in beautiful Two Harbours

The Gulfstar 37 has a number of safety design items we were looking for:

I think these above items are the most important things to look for when buying a boat, because you can't change them later! I spent a lot of time comparing boat metrics before chosing this one. Read about it on the metrics page.

At the same time, Wanderlust is fast and comfortable:

Dorado for dinner!

Please review the following details:

At anchor south of PV


Wanderlust at anchor


Vizcaino Bay action shot


Spinny and Genoa poled out

Hull, deck, cabin, cabin top, internal hull and deck structures available for viewing found without structural issues. Hull is fair and shows without areas of gel coat repair. No areas of internal or external fiberglass repair.

Below waterline:
Hull surfaces below the waterline are fair. Tap testing below the waterline revealed hard surfaces without indications of bond failures or delaminations. Small areas appeared to be ground out blisters. Very small number of random gel coat blisters. Hull surfaces generally smooth. Bottom paint adhering well without chips or cracks. Two areas of parallel groupings of gel coat cracks at the transom near the waterline. Each is about 12" in length and resembles cracks from impact. No broken fibers noted. Underwater metal found without corrosion deposits.

Rudder and steering:
Inspection of the rudder revealed no bond failures or delaminations. No significant wear or play at the lower bearing portion of the rudder at the gudgeon plate. Moderate play of the shaft within the rudder tube. Steering is a typical 7x19 stainless steel cable to a quadrant at the rudder shaft. Cable recently replaced. Idler sheaves show good alignment to the quadrant. Quadrant is well secured to the rudder shaft and has been primed to protect surface condition.

Deck and cabin:
Tap testing of the deck and cabin top revealed no areas of bond failure or delamination. All areas tapped out hard. Moisture readings were taken of the decks, cabin top and cockpit sole with a Protimeter Aquant meter. There were no areas of significant moisture.

Varnish coatings on the interior cabin wood appear original. The interior appears in clean condition for the vessel's age and appears to have had average usage. Cabin sole and cabinetry are lacking in dents and dings common to interiors of this size. Internal plywood bulkheads are well secured and show without indication of movement. Rubber gaskets for the overhead hatches and opening port holes show without cracking from age and appear to seal well, however there are indications of prior leakage.

Sailing nicely




Engine installation was found in order. No sign of movement at mounts. Engine was found well painted and appears well maintained. No oil or fuel leaks were found. The hoses are in servicable condition and tight at their connections. The transmission is a replacement. The propeller shows without corrosion and blade tips appear balanced. The cutlass bearing shows without significant wear and the shaft appears centered within the bearing. Engine fired on command and ran without excessive vibration.

At the dock in Monterey


Wanderlust looking awesome


Bilge pumps are mounted and operate without leaks. Numerous lifejackets onboard.

Flying the genoa and spinny off the front!



All sea valves were found in working order. The hoses were found in servicable condition and tight at their connections. No leakage was noted at valves or hose connections. The engine shaft packing gland was replaced (see Engine).

At anchor in scenic Isla Isabela


Upturned nose, lower beam, nice ass


  • Primary Bow Anchor: 45# Bruce with (2006) 150ft 3/8" BBB chain and (2006) 300ft 5/8" three-strand nylon
  • Secondary Bow Anchor: 45# CQR with (2006) 50ft 3/8" BBB chain and (2006) 150ft 5/8" three-strand nylon
  • Stern Anchor: 35# Danforth (heavily reinforced) with (2007) 50ft 3/8" BBB chain and (2006) 150ft 5/8" three-strand nylon
  • Windlass: SL-555 "SeaTiger" dual-speed manual windlass with dual-use 3/8" BBB and 5/8" rode gypsy
  • Cleats: Five heavy-duty cleats with backing plates mounted fore/aft for anchor snubber connections
  • Anchor Roller: (2006) Custom manufactured stainless anchor roller integrated into bowsprit

All three anchors are mounted and ready for deployment. Anchor chain shows as new, no rust or corrosion is apparent.

Croissants and homemade applesauce for breakfast


Real teak, baby!


  • Lighting System: 12V DC and 110V AC
  • Power Source: Batteries, alternator, shore cord, solar panels
  • No/Type Batteries: 4x Group #31, "Lifeline", in main cabin, 400Ah total (2006)
  • Battery Banks: 1x battery in "Engine", 3x batteries in "House"
  • Battery Bank Charge: (2006) Xantrex 100A automatic charge switch for dual battery banks
  • Type of Wire: Copper strand
  • Cond. of Wiring: Good
  • Master Disconnect Switch: (2006) Blue Sea 2-way switch for DC (includes emergency cross connect feature), circuit breaker for AC
  • Circuit Protection: Circuit breakers for AC & DC
  • Ground Fault Interconnects: Shore power connection, all inverter receptacles
  • Grounding: Commercial zinc plate connected to all rigging, stanchions, motor, electronics, hot water heater, motors, etc, with marine-grade tinned copper wire (oversized) and ancor shrink tube connectors (or soldered with shrink tubing)
  • Convenience Plugs: (2006) 12V cigarette-lighter adaptors in chart table, galley, and inside stern locker
  • Battery Charger: Heart Interface Freedom 10 inverter/charger
  • Solar Panels:
    • (2007) Xantrex Trace C40 solar charge controller with in-cabin remote control panel
    • (2006) 2x Kyocera KC-130 130W solar panels, wired with high-amp marine cables, mounted on adjustable arms to adjust angle to the sun

Vessel is fitted with a 12VDC shipboard system and a 110VAC shore power connection. Circuit breakers are provided for branch circuit protection. There are volt and amp meters for AC and DC service. There is evidence of extensive new wiring. Batteries were relocated inside main cabin from engineroom.

Sailing hard into Manzanillo


Check that out! You can see the keel!


  • Mast Material: Painted aluminium
  • Boom Material: Painted aluminium
  • Standing Rigging: Stainless steel 1x19 wire
  • Terminal Fittings: Swedge
  • Masthead Fittings: Aluminium
  • Mast Tangs: Stainless steel
  • Turnbuckles: Open barrel chromed bronze
  • Chainplates: Stainless steel
  • Running Rigging: Braided dacron
  • Stem Fitting: Stainless steel
  • Bowsprit Fitting: -
  • Boom Vang: Harken
  • Traveler: Relocated from cockpit to cabintop, custom
  • Winches:
    • 2x Barient #21, mast, rebuilt 2006
    • 2x Barient #28 self-tailing, cockpit, rebuilt 2006
    • 2x Lewmar #30 self-tailing, cockpit, rebuilt 2006
    • 1x Barient #21, cabintop, rebuilt 2006
    • 1x Barient, cabintop, rebuilt 2006
  • Sail systems:
    • (2006) UK-Halsey two-batten mainsail with two deep reef points
    • UK 'flasher' asymmetrical cruising spinnaker
    • UK sails 100% roller-furling jib with (2006) Harken luff tape
    • UK sails 155% roller-furling genoa with (2006) Harken luff tape
    • roller-furling storm sail with (2006) Harken luff tape
    • (2006) Harken MKIII Unit1.5 roller furler (replaced headstay at same time)
    • Two spinnaker poles (one fixed, one adjustable length); two pole tracks installed on mast
    • (2006) Main halyard, jib/genoa halyard, jib/genoa sheets, spinnaker halyard and sheets
    • (2006) Repaired main sail cover

Mast and rigging were viewed from aloft. The rigging and attached mast fittings were found generally clean without significant areas of corrosion at attached fittings. No indication of excessive wear was noted. No indications of stress or fatigue cracks were found at swedge end fittings. No kinks or beds could be viewed through the shrouds. The headstay was replaced and a new furler were installed 2006. There are mild pits at various wire strands above the lower swedge fittings and a few minor areas of chafe to the wires.

The mast extrusion appears fair without indentations. The paint coating on mast is dull and powdery from oxidation. The shroud tension appears adequate. There was no indication of compression at the cabin top or at the mast step. The mast sits on a 1" plastic step which we suspect is the end result of a prior repair.

The mast is a single length painted aluminum extrusion; masthead rigged with single aluminium spreaders and stepped on the keel. The headstay was replaced and is equipped with a Harken MKIII roller furling system. The mast is stayed with uppers, fore and aft lowers and a single backstay. A vang is connected to the boom; another vang is used as a preventer. The main sheet traveler track, car and blocks are by Schaefer. The track is bolted to a laminated wood cross beam with steel interior.

Fridge full of beer (note the cans the bottles are stacked on)


Sara's a great cook; messy, but great


  • Stove: Gimballed two-burner Shipmate stove with oven
  • Fuel: Propane
  • Components: (2006) Propane pressure regulators, adaptors, pressure gauge, hoses, solenoid
  • Solenoid Switch: Bulkhead-mounted switch and warning light
  • Propane Tanks: 2x, steel, one dated 9-2004
  • Location: Cockpit locker, not vented
  • Water Tanks: One fiberglass tank integral in hull
  • Capacity: 85 gallons reported
  • Location: Under cabin sole
  • Tank Straps: N/A
  • Sink: Dual stainless galley sink with (2006) hot/cold faucet
  • Refrigeration: (2006) Fridgeboat refrigerator/freezer conversion installed in icebox; utilizes 6 speed compressor & keel cooler (works great with very low 12v usage (system senses ambient temperature in cooler water and automatically switches compressor to correct speed to optimize cooling while reducing energy consumption)

There is a hot and cold pressure water system with a single integral fiberglass water tank. Tank is mounted under the cabin sole. The galley has a double stainless sink with dual knob faucet. Drain fittings under the sink show indications of prior leakage.

Our instrument panel


Sara behind the command console


  • VHF: 2x Standard Horizon "Eclipse+", one installed above nav station
  • Antenna: Mounted at masthead
  • Other: Handheld VHF
  • Navigation Electronics:
    • (2006) Raymarine C70 chartplotter with chart/GPS/rader overlay
    • (2006) Raymarine RD218 24-mile 2kW radar (new style radar released in late 2006)
    • (2006) Raymarine ST40 bidata instrument with depth, speed, water temperature, alarms, etc
    • (2006) Raymarine thru-hull sensors (paddle wheel and depth sensor)
    • (2005) Raymarine ST4000+ wheel-drive autopilot
    • (2006) Custom manufactured stainless instrument mount for Navpod housing
    • (2006) US West Coast and Central America Navionics chips for chartplotter
  • Entertainment Electronics:
    • (2006) Jensen Marine 20" LCD TV mounted in cabin wall, w/ remote
    • (2006) Marine DVD player, audio fed to stereo, w/ remote
    • (2006) Pioneer stereo system, 4 flush-mount 6x9" 3-way Infinity speakers
    • (2006) Sirius satellite radio receiver and deck-mount antenna, w/ remote (works south of Puerto Vallarta!)

Navigation station (stbd)


Galley (port)

Mike installing the leecloths


Stove, TV, and port couch

Installing dri-deck in V-berth


V-berth custom cushions


  • Curtains: (2006) Sunbrella, tracks
  • Cushions: (2006) Sunbrella, medium-density foam, on eggcrate foam and dri-dek
  • Seatbacks: (2006) Sunbrella, medium-density foam
  • V-berth Matress: (2006) Sunbrella, medium-density foam, memory foam, on eggcrate foam and dri-dek
  • Misc: (2006) Sunbrella pillows
  • Berths: V-berth (2), pull-out couches (2)
  • Berth Safety: V-berth side padding, couch leecloths

Launching Purpeat


Purpeat pulled waaaay up on the beach

Will screaming around on Purpeat; full throttle with one person is a blast!


Purpeat in beach assult mode


  • Dinghy: Zodiac 10'2" Yachtline RIB, rigid fiberglass hull with tow attachment
  • Outboard: 10HP BF100F four-stroke Honda outboard motor
  • Wheels: Wheel-a-weigh detachable wheels with perminant mounts on dinghy transom
  • Extras: (2006) All accessories, including patch kits, paddles, gas tank, hose connectors, other spares


  • General Boating:
    • Start Sailing Right, US Sailing
    • Chapman Piloting (yes, the huge tome)
    • Handbook of Knots, Pawson
    • Reeds Nautical Almanac
    • Boating Etiquette, Chapmans
    • Basic Sailing Skills, Canadian Yachting Assoc.
    • Heavy Weather:
  • Mariners Weather Handbook, Steve & Linda Dashew
  • Surviving the Storm, Coastal and Offshore Tactics, Steve & Linda Dashew
  • Heavy Weather Tactics, Earl Hinz
  • Sailing in Heavy Weather, DVD
  • Travel Info:
    • Oxford Spanish Handbook
    • Spanish for Cruisers, Parsons
    • Adventure Guide to Mexico's Pacific Coast, Hunter
    • Frommer's Mexico 2006
    • Puerto Vallarta, Moon
  • Whimsy:
    • Flirting with Mermaids, Kretschmer
    • The Old Man & the Sea, Hemmingway
    • Sailing Promise, Main
  • Instructional:
    • How to clean a mess of fish
    • Mexican Birds, Peterson
    • Fishes of the Pacific Coast, Goodson
    • Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing, Bannerot
    • Onboard Medical Handbook, Gill
    • Good Boatkeeping, Aiken
    • Yanmar JH(2) Operation Manual
    • Marine Diesel Engines, Calder
    • Complete Liveaboard Book, Burke
  • Cruising Guides:
    • Cruising Guide to San Francisco
    • Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California
    • Charlies Charts of the Pacific Coast
    • Charlies Charts of Mexico
    • Mexico Boating Guide (Rains)
  • Charts:
    • Nautical Chart #1, Symbols and Markers
    • Huge Yachtsman Chartbook (3x2'): Southern California
    • Huge Yachtsman Chartbook (3x2'): Mexico to Panama
    • Catalina Island (laminated)
    • San Francisco (laminated)
    • other SoCal (laminated)

    Document binders


    Raymarine manuals


    • Two huge binders with all product manuals, receipts, etc.
    • All Raymarine manuals, instructions, calibration charts, etc.


    • Windex installed at masthead
    • (2006) 5gal SS hot water heater (110VAC and engine heat exchanger)
    • (2006) Bottomsiders five-peice cockpit cushions with "Wanderlust"
    • (2005) Sunbrella boom tent cover
    • (2006) Boxes and boxes and boxes of spares
    • (2006) Force10 BBQ on aft pulpit
    • (2006) Six-step folding ladder with mounts installed in deck gate opening both port and starboard