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Oct 14-16: Getting a little wild, visiting with relatives, fixing the head, and just hanging out in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a cool happening place, and as soon as we had given up on fixing the head, we parked Wanderlust and went out for a night on the town. It was Sean's 30th birthday, and we did it in style.

Will totally immobilized


Mike and Sean photograph the sunset

The night out started poorly for me: Sara 'accidentally' kicked me right in the goolies while flouncing up the stairs after I said something inappropriate. I dropped like a rock; Sean just caught me before I hit the floor. Sara almost fell down the stairs laughing. It would have served her right!

Check the size of that cleat!


Sean eating some yummy oysters

We went first to the local Santa Barbara marina bar - I say local because there were four or five in the marina - and had drinks and oysters with all kinds of plastic-looking barbie dolls. Holly, check out the size of that cleat! It's enormous!

Mike and Sean and manlove


Sean nervous about his secret

The evening went on, and although we had to hike for it, we all had a LOT to drink. Here we can see Mike and Sean demonstrating the love they share, then Sean gets worried I'm going to post the pictures on the web. No worries, gaylord, your secret is safe with me.

Will (heart) Sara


Mike is in rare form tonight

Me? I'm a lover too, and I got a good one I'm not letting go. The night started getting crazy; Sean did a good "Top Gun" serenade to some random girl on the street. Excuse me, but have you lost that loving feeling?

Note the scared dude in the background


Sean and Sara are dance crazy!

We all had a great time.

Cuddling on a bench


Mad Gangstaz, yo

None of us know how we got back to the boat. It was a two or three mile walk that none in four remember. Well, we remember bits and pieces, like Mike suddenly running away - at full tilt - and somehow finding us a half hour later. I guess I crashed right when we got back. It was an awesome, well-needed night out.

Sean had a killer 30th birthday, Mike tried sushi for the first time (and liked it!), Will and Sara had a wonderful evening out with friends. It was win-win-win-win.

Drunk as a skunk


Happy birthday buddy

The next day, Sunday, we were slow to rise. Mike went to the bathroom and didn't come back for two hours. He told us later he went into one of the shower stalls, sat down, and remained there until he absorbed the water his body needed to recover from the previous night. Interesting technique.

Sara's relatives, Steve and Della, drove up to visit us from Fillmore (about an hour and a half). I know Sara was really excited about seeing them, and when Della pulled out a big bag of brownies, I almost cried. They drove a whole bunch to see us, brought us brownies and Della's special chip-dip, took us out for lunch on the beach, ferried us to the grocery store, and even bought us groceries! Steve, Della, we love you guys.

While Sara and I were off chilling with relatives, Sean and Mike had some alone time together, which I know they must have enjoyed.

Mikey still looks a little pained


Sean does not looked pained at all

The rest of the day just kinda slipped away. Our friend Sam - you all know him from the refit work - was in LA for Centellax work, and drove to Santa Barbara to pick up Mike and take him back to Northern California (via LAX). We all went out for an awesome Mexican dinner.

The Wanderlust gang


Dinner out

We all had a great time together, but it was a little sad. Sam and Mike weren't staying the night, so this was our last meal as four (or five with Sam). Mike is such a great friend to Sara and me, and an awesome companion on an adventure like this; we were so happy that he could come with us.

Mike signs "West Marine"


He's funny (looking)

Three cheers for Mike!

We weren't out late - the four of us were still a little under the weather - and we had our tearful goodbyes at the harbour entrance.

Then we were three.

The next morning, Sean and I finished fixing the head. The process wasn't as disgusting as it had been previously, and we realized we were getting used to it. Maybe if this engineering thing doesn't work out, we could change careers. Sara did a metric tonne of laundry. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of the dock cart - it was packed to the tits.

I guess the birds own this one


Hanging by the hook (CQR)

We barely finished before checkout, and squeezed the harbour master for an extra half hour so we could shower. We shoved off just before they kicked us out, motored around the breakwater, and anchored among the derelict craft parked off the beach. The day was getting on, we didn't want to rush to Santa Cruz Island, and I needed to catch up on web work.

Working away, tap tap tap


Sara chillin like a villian

Sean and Sara chilled while I typed away. I stayed at it for too long, and got seasick for the first time. Ugh. Sara's had one or two episodes, but we've been very lucky (and have been abusing seasickness drugs freely). The guys took care of me while I suffered: "I'm cold", "I'm thirsty", "Can you bring me some drugs?", in retrospect, they're probably the ones who suffered. I'm a high maintenance sicky.

Sara looks happy while recording my pain. Funny that.

Oh I don't feel good


Sara is a cutie

Sean cooked up an awesome Indian curry dinner. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to eat it, usually spicy food isn't good while seasick, but it was just too good to skip.

Sean cooking up a storm


Looking good

I couldn't come in to eat, so those two lovelies ate out in the cold dark cockpit with me. I'm happy to report it cured me. It was awesome yummy.

"Downstairs? In the cabin?"


"I'll eat up here."

Bed after dinner, all of us excited about the upcoming trip to Santa Cruz Island.