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Mar 17-23: Passage from Turtle Bay to Isla Cedros to San Quitin to Ensenada, getting hammered crossing Vizcaino Bay, again relying on panga-delivered fuel, taking a breather in Ensenada

See ya, Bahia Tortuga


Looks like a Jurassic Park island

Easy trip = lots of chapters


Duaner drops the hook

Chewing on the anchor chain


Evil looking beastie!

Aww, not evil: cute


They're kissing!

Sara's on the lookout


Duane checks it out

Playful guys


Will has a face-off

Sunset over the island


Yummy steak dinner

Love waking up in places like this


Looks a little cloudy to the north

Duane wasn't moving this AM


The weather got worse, waaaay worse

The next morning


Still smiling!

Hey, check that out


They're _really_ close!

Duane takes a shift


Peninsula enroute

The night watch


The very-early-morning watch

Our anchorage .. in daylight


That flag is HUGE

Posing with the Lucky Dog boys


Sailing up to San Diego - with no prop!

It's time for dinner!


Good tacos are to die for

Sara and Duane getting directions


Locals-only bar (plus us, of course)

Schoolkids on parade



Duane gets his drink on


Where are the other bottles?

All ye who enter here...



Bribing our way out of the country


Sharing the wealth with the local youth

Getting ready to have some fun


Blowing stuff up rules

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Random 'best-of' trip reports:

Testing our vintage 1976 flares


Mike after an hour in the locker


Happy couple in paradise