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Oct 11: The Monterey Aquarium

We slept in and awoke only to visit the world-famous Monterey Aquarium. It was as awesome as everyone says it is.

Mike and Will pose


Sara photos Sean posing

We saw the otters being fed. We examined schools of sardines.

Cute little otter


Lots of sardines

The jellies ruled. They were the best part.

Jelly viewing window


Will enjoying the view

The penguins were cool. Sharks rule.



Here sharky sharky!

We managed to catch most of the shows: otter feeding, penguin feeding, Sara-monster feeding, etc. They were all the same, raw unbridled savagery.

Awe at the show


School of fishes

We were there for almost six hours, it was worth every penny. I have to admit though, just like with the seals, I totally wanted a Penguin-Otter burger, with a side of Jellyfish Sauce, by the end of it. All that yummy seafood, almost close enough to eat. Mmmm.

Will and Sara


More jellies

Back to the boat!

Diver feeding the fishes


Dolphin sculpture

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