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Sep 23-25: Living onboard, Sean arrives and gets to work, Wanderlust's new name is blessed, and our first sail!

I'm writing this report almost three weeks later, so I beg your leave for the lack of details.

Sean, one of my University friends and crewmember with us on Wanderlust all the way from SF to Mexico, joined us mid-week. He worked non-stop as Sara and I juggled our last few days at work, jumping in headfirst to help us move out of our rental (and get all of our deposit back!) and getting the boat tip-top. Like Mike, Sam, Briana, and everyone else who's helped us get to where we are - Sean is another great friend whom without this would not be possible.

The three of us spent a good deal of time sorting clothes, parts, tools, etc. Wanderlust is a big boat, but it can be difficult for three people to perform construction activities while still being comfortable after hours. We spent a lot of time packing and repacking lockers.

Living on the boat was good - we had lots of evening time to sort & figure stuff out - but it also had it's downsides - Sara and I had an hour-long commute, and Sean and I had to text message each other with questions. He would find a part number of something and I would order spares online.

Will with champagne


Wizard blesser

Saturday morning we spent an hour having the boat re-christened "Wanderlust". None of us are superstitious, but it seemed prudent. Why tempt Poseidon? A wizard dock neighbour, who just happens to have a real elven staff and sage incense, performed the ceremony for us. It involved breaking a perfectly good bottle of champagne over the bow. That was fine - we had two bottles!

Blessing with the elven staff


Ready to break it!

It was a touching ceremony.

Delicious champagne


Champagne off the anchor

Will enjoying some champers


Will and Sean

We worked our little buns off on a hundred different jobs, and finally finally finally got the Raymarine chartplotter/GPS/radar unit installed. This awesome instrument collection fits nicely in our new Navpod mounting unit, which is installed over the binnacle top with a custom metal plate.

Working on the installation


Finally complete!

Monday was another day off that we spent with Synthia. This time, the steering cables were run correctly, the controls were fixed, the instruments were installed and working, and we were generally much more prepared. The sail was awesome. We didn't have much wind, but managed to hit 5kts without even trying.

Motoring out into the bay


Calm calm water

Bow waves!

Port bow wave



Just a little wind, but a happy happy crew.

Wind in our sails!


Sean and Sara sailing

It was a great way to end our first week together with Sean, and a fantastic break from the last five solid months of boat projects. Still.. we have a lot to do!