How to Crew on Wanderlust

It's simple: show up prepared (soft duffel bags filled with small bills), be generous (hand out the bills), remember this is our home and everything we own (Sara and Will should get a duffel bag each), and try to have a good time. Oh, plus don't fall off.

Follows are some recommendations for a good visit:

Keep in mind

We're not safety nazis or anything, and we're not running around issuing orders like Capt. Bligh, but you know, every now and then a Captain needs a nice cold drink of water.

Also remember

There isn't much storage on the boat, so you'll have to travel light. It will be best if you bring soft duffel-bag luggage only. Maybe only one bag. We're going to be conserving water and power isn't plentiful. Don't bring anything you can't afford to lose.

Stuff we have for you

Stuff you will need

Stuff you'll envy not having

Stuff to bring if you worry


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