How to Crew on Wanderlust

It's simple: show up prepared (soft duffel bags filled with small bills), be generous (hand out the bills), remember this is our home and everything we own (Sara and Will should get a duffel bag each), and try to have a good time. Oh, plus don't fall off.

Follows are some recommendations for a good visit:

Keep in mind

  • safety first- at night, if the conditions get rough, or if Will freaks out for some reason, you will have to put on your lifejacket and clip into safety lines when outside
  • take care of yourself- if you're feeling ill or you're going to be sick, get a jacket on, clip in, and tell someone
  • take care of us- if you're falling asleep on your watch, don't know what to do, or get scared, tell someone!
  • don't be dumb- no drinking during your watch, one drink if you're off watch, stop before you barf if we're parked
  • don't be rediculous- no drugs
  • follow orders- if you're told to do something, please do it right away, it's important

We're not safety nazis or anything, and we're not running around issuing orders like Capt. Bligh, but you know, every now and then a Captain needs a nice cold drink of water.

Also remember

  • bring a good camera and take lots of photos
  • water is a scarce precious resource - pretend it's really really expensive
  • electricity is a scarce precious resource
  • storage space is nonexistant
  • we often don't bathe for a week (but swim every day)
  • everyone onboard knows when you poo

There isn't much storage on the boat, so you'll have to travel light. It will be best if you bring soft duffel-bag luggage only. Maybe only one bag. We're going to be conserving water and power isn't plentiful. Don't bring anything you can't afford to lose.

Stuff we have for you

  • foul weather gear (jacket, pants, gloves)
  • auto-inflate lifejacket with built-in harness & strobe
  • quick-release tether
  • a bed and pillows
  • towels
  • some snorkel stuff

Stuff you will need

  • lots of sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, hats
  • passport
  • light sleeping bag or two bed sheets
  • thin layered clothing
  • skimpy bathing suit
  • sandals or something like it

Stuff you'll envy not having

  • CDs, DVDs, good books
  • earplugs
  • dramamine, bonine, other over-counter motion sickness drugs
  • a really good camera
  • ipod, electronic toys (with 12V car chargers!)
  • visit to doctor/dentist beforehand
  • tetanus, hep A+B, other shots
  • understanding of spanish (dos cervesas, por favor)
  • lots of cash

Stuff to bring if you worry

  • personal EPIRB
  • handheld VHF radio
  • handheld GPS
  • satellite phone
  • prescription seasickness medication (scopaline, etc)


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