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Oct 10: Passage from Half-Moon Bay to Monterey

We were up before the sun for our long trip to Monterey. The forecasts again called for light winds and 3-4ft combined swell and wind waves, so we weren't looking forward to another day of motoring.

Leaving Half-Moon Bay


Outer harbour breakwall

The sun came up an hour later, and we made our first wildlife sighting. Sean got a great closeup shot of the elusive Red-Breasted Sara Bird.

Leaving Half-Moon Bay


What a cutie!

Although the early-morning fog quickly burnt off, there wasn't any wind and the first part of the day was much like yesterday. The motor droning in the background, our wonderful sailboat powering through the waves, and all of us hoping for wind.

California coastline


Will peeking out from the helm

We were surprised by a harem of seals. Yes, 'harem' is a legitimate collective noun for seals. Hopefully everyone can come away from this website a bit smarter, just a little bit more intelligent and knowledgable.

Seals! In the distance!


Seals closer

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the seals. They swarmed all around us, leaping and jumping from the water. It was very cool. They didn't hang around long, just enough to give us a quick look, then they would scatter. I theorize it was in fear of Sean's beard, which is making him look very much like a pirate.

Will and Sean at the helm


Crazy acrobat seal

One seal was an escapee from Marine World. We saw him following us and doing crazy acrobatics, and we just had to turn the boat around to get closer. Try as we might, we could not hit him with the boat, and our recapture efforts were thwarted when he dove and disappeared.

Will, Mike and Sara


Sailing at last

Sometime around 3PM we finally got some wind. We killed the engine, raised the sails, and ripped along at more than 7 knots! Morale improved immediately, talk of mutiny decreased dramatically, and we finally felt like ocean sailors (rather than ocean motorers).

Family of seals


King of the castle

We sailed all the way into Monterey, where we were amazed by the Sea Lions. Does anyone have ANY idea how they get up on a six-foot round bouy?

Breakwater seals


Wanderlust in her slip

We parked Wanderlust in a slip at Breakwater Cove Marina. One of the harbourmasters was chasing the seals off the dock and was kind enough to direct us to our spot. The seals here are fat, lazy, and loud. They're probably protected, but after hearing them bark all evening, I started to wonder how a seal sandwich would taste.



Intrepid sailors

We formed a shore party and went off in search of steaks. We found a candy store along the way and bought a small barrel of taffy too. Back on the boat we grilled the steaks, poured some wine, and celebrated our first ever ocean sailing trip!

Shore party


Back on the boat for dinner

Sean cooking


Sean kicking back

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