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Oct 9: Passage from San Francisco to Half-Moon Bay

We were up early with the sun for a quick swim and shower. Only Sean and Will swam, and they didn't have much say in the matter. Mike and Sara were still smelling sweet. Sean and Will were not. They jumped in, but pushing was threatened.

Will looking chilly


Sean looking like a happy dog

We cleaned up, battened down the hatches, and motored out to the foggy Golden Gates.

Aquatic Park, aka Swimmer's Cove


Fog at the Golden Gates

Sara took us out of Swimmer's Cove. We called vessel traffic control and confirmed no tankers were coming in or out for the next half hour, turned our radar on, and went carefully in the heavy fog. It was dead calm.

Sara at the helm


Golden Gates fogged in

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The marine layer blanketed the coast. We motored the entire way to Half-Moon Bay, with never enough wind to fill a sail.

Will at the helm


Sean at the helm

The fog obscured everything on the trip down the coast. It was only 20-30nm, but we turned it into an 8-hour journey by motoring slowly and trying to sail a few times. It was cold, kinda damp, and not too much fun.

Mike keeping a lookout


Sara keeping a lookout

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Half Moon Bay has a rocky entrance that requires vigilance, but we had a cruiser's guide, a chartbook, two GPS', and the fog lifted enough for us to make out the bouys. No problemo!

Sean and Sara mooring


Inner harbour breakwater

We tied up to the fuel dock, took in a few gallons of diesel, grabbed a shower in the gold-gilded public restrooms, and snagged a mooring ball in the outer harbour for $10. Just kidding about the restrooms. They were as skanky as could be.

Mike installing the leecloths


Sara opening up some beers

We had a nice yummy meal and settled in for the evening. Mike and Sean got to try out the leecloths Mike designed and built for us. These nets clip around the bunks and keep the occupant from falling out in rough seas or rolling anchorages. Mike rules, but you all know that already.

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