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Oct 21: Chilling in Two Harbors, Santa Catalina Island

[ written by Sara ]

One of my favorite places in all of California is Santa Catalina Island. But, up until recently, I had only visited Avalon during the day. Visiting Two Harbors and being able to stay until we grew tired of it was my idea of paradise!

We have arrived!


Sean and Sara, enjoying the sights

When we decided to grab a mooring ball at the Fourth of July Cove, we were pleased with the lack of surrounding boats. Perhaps coming in at the end of October would allow us to have the place to ourselves...what day was it anyway? Thursday.

On Friday, we found out that Catalina is the favored three day vacation hot spot for boat owners. But, we were lucky. The people surrounding us were great, and Sean was especially pleased with the all woman (all bikini) yacht in front of us. Sean's smiling face greeted us every morning, and greeted the lovely women as well. Skinny dipping in Catalina is never private, and it is especially not private when surrounded by lonely boaters with binoculars. At least they had fun while giving their audience a good show.

While at Two Harbors, we decided that we all needed to stretch our legs. So began the epic hike. First off, whenever you decide to do anything athletic with Will, you need to know that there will be no prisoners. Will began the journey by proposing a 21 mile hike. At Sean and my vigorous protests, he revised it to only 18 miles. I'm not sure how many miles we actually finished, but by the end of the hike my big toe nail had decided to call it quits. I painted it red to cover up the black and blue marks.

Will stretching


The Epic Hike

The hike was beautiful! The ocean was so blue, and the sky just melted into the sea. We were able to see Wanderlust, and it felt like such an achievement to be at home, so far from home. I decided I could get used to the whole cruising thing. Beautiful places, great experiences, and all the comforts of home.

What horizon?


Home, sweet home

Somewhere on the way back, Will and Sean decided that they were thirsty. Since we had run out of water somewhere around mile 13, there was no choice but to cut open some cacti and try to drink the water out of them. Cacti are succulants, right? So there should be water in them? Then why do my tongue and cheeks hurt? After spending the rest of the walk making sad whimpering sounds, I got the tweezers out and took care of the remaining needles. Boys.

Mmmm. Tasty.


Even tastier

Before heading back, we decided some refreshments were in order. Ah, now this is the life!

Water for me, please!


SoCal, SoGood

On the way back to the boat, we saw tons of pretty little fishes, which inspired Sean to pull out his snorkel gear. Of course Will wanted to go too. Will came back to Wanderlust so excited about what he had seen, that he took me out on Purpeat and vowed to get me all the gear the following day.

Will's first snorkeling expedition


Purpeat, our transportation

[ written by Sara ]

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