Wanderlust under sail

Vizcaino Bay action shot

Vizcaino Bay action shot


Spinny and Genoa poled out

Sailing nicely



Sailing hard into Manzanillo


Check that out! You can see the keel!

Flying the genoa and spinny off the front!


Wanderlust at anchor

Wanderlust in beautiful Two Harbours

At anchor in scenic Isla Isabela


Upturned nose, lower beam, nice ass

At anchor south of PV


Wanderlust at anchor

At the dock in Monterey


Wanderlust looking awesome

Our instrument panel


Sara behind the command console

Wanderlust's dinghy, Purpeat

Launching Purpeat


Purpeat pulled waaaay up on the beach

Will screaming around on Purpeat; full throttle with one person is a blast!


Purpeat in beach assult mode