Sailing San Carlos, Mexico

Right after New Years 2006, Sara and I spent a week sailing a 34' Coronado in the Sea of Cortez, between the Baja peninsula and the Mexico mainland. We did this to earn our ASA certificates for ocean sailing. It was an exciting adventure, and we had a fantastic time!

We started our trip in San Carlos, Mexico, a small sea-side town next to a much larger city, Guaymas. We flew into Guaymas on New Years Eve, caught a bus into San Carlos, and got situated at the Posada del Desierto near the marina. Highly recommended.

Sara and the hotel


Old Church

We explored, found some pescado ceviche (raw fish marinated in lime juice), and a great place to celebrate New Years Eve. We celebrated too much. We spent most of the next day recovering.

Will with some ceviche


Sunset from the restaurant

Funny note: We both had too much tequila (pronounced tea-kill-ya) and too many margaritas, so when we're eating dinner the night after and Sara orders another margarita, I'm pretty surprised! She had just the one sip shown below, then turned green and wouldn't have any more. Hahaha!

Dining by the ocean


Sara's sip of margarita

We left on the sailing trip the next morning, and apart from all the drills and studying and sailing, we also had some time for relaxing and lying about like sloths. One of our favourite times was sunset, when the sky turned every colour.

Relaxing on the boat



We also had some time to explore the beaches and hills around the anchorages; not much activity in the tidepools we found, but so many fish and birds and cacti!

Mountaineering! (ya, right)


Beautiful cove

The Proposal

The last day we tooled around the boat and relaxed, then bundled up and sailed off into the darkness. We sailed overnight all the way back to San Carlos, where I asked Sara to marry me. Read about the rest of the story and the proposal.