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Mom and Dad Fuller

What a darling website. You two look so much in love! Let's get this party started RIGHT NOW!

Mom and Dad Fuller

Jennifer Gillian

My sweet sweet Sara Beth

Maybe its just my allergies, but I seem to be tearing up. If I wasn't sure before, that Will was your guy....(which I was, but bear with me)....I was more than sure when I read what he wrote about his Bride to Be on your website. Funny, cute, small, evil, ferocious. That is absolutely you.

I've known you so long...and in so many different ways....scared Freshman at a big school. Roommates in a way too small room....Friends despite thousands of miles in between. I knew that it would take a unique guy to be your partner in crime, your partner for life...and I'm so happy that Will not only adores you...but more importantly, challenges you. Together you two can take on the world....make both of your dreams come true and love life and each other along the way.

Buena suerte,
Jennifer Gillian

Auntie Jane

Dear William, many thanks for the wedding invitation - I know it's going to truly be a wedding to remember, and I can't wait to see you there!

With much love, Jane xxx

Janet Latta

I just looked at and read every little thing and I absolutely love your website!!!

I learned so much about each of you and feel so connected. Thanks so much for sharing!

You got me soooooo excited, I hope we can make it work!

Love to both of you and I will try to follow-up with a picture of some sort for fun.

AJ (aka Auntie Jan)

Karen and Alan

We are so sorry we are unable to attend your special day. If we could have attended we might have looked like this!

Hope your day is perfect. Please make a visit to Scotland top priority on your next visit to the UK.

Karen and Alan