Our Families

We want to thank our families for their unwavering support.

The Fullers

My family is scattered throughout the United States, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins living from coast to coast. My mother's side of the family lives mainly in California, and father's side lives mainly in Utah, with cousins everywhere.

My parents are native Californians who decided to move to Utah as newly-weds. Rex, my dad, earned his PhD in Economics at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Susan, my mother, was working as a buyer for a large department store. My sister, Amelia, and I were born in Utah. Shortly after Rex finished his PhD, the Fuller family decided to move to LaCrosse, Wisconsin, where Rex became the Dean of the College of Business.

Amy and I grew up in Wisconsin, with a strong appreciation for pickles, cheese, and beer. We both went on to attend University; Amy went to Eau Claire and Stout, and I went to Madison.

With both of us safely in school, Mom and Dad decided to begin a new chapter in their lives and move to sunny Colorado. Amy joined them there a few years later; I now live near San Francisco and make frequent trips to Colorado to visit.

My dad is wonderfully strong, and logical. His love and support have meant so much to me throughout my life. He is my touch-stone, and I appreciate him more than he knows.

My mom has the incredible ability to make everything and everyone shine. She is a wonderful seamstress and is making me the most beautiful wedding dress in the world.

My sister is able to make anyone laugh at anything. She is also sweet and sensitive, and is a great listener. Iím sure Amy has gotten tired of hearing about my wedding plans, but she never fails to be excited and encouraging and full of fresh ideas.

The Sitches

The Sitch family is scattered over the United Kingdom, Canada, and now the United States.

Originally hailing from England, John and Ann Sitch moved our family - including me and my brothers Ben and Joe - to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1984. I moved from Ottawa to San Francisco in April 2002 to work at my current company, Centellax.

John, my father, is an engineer at Nortel. He's been there since we moved to Ottawa. You could call him a 'lifer'. He is the most patient person I know, which was probably born from necessity; my brothers and I had more than our fair share of teenage angst.

Ann, my mother, is a hockey fan. She has come to love hockey more than anything else, and her committment to the local team - the Ottawa 67s - is overwhelming. She attends every game, knows all the players and referees, and is respected and feared in the stands. She is responsible for the genetic influence on my wild emotional state.

Ben, the middle-youngest of we three brothers, is the kindest gentlest football player you will meet. He had a funny little growth spurt in high school and is now something like 6'5" and 250+lbs. Ben was always the sweetest of the three brothers, and remains the only one of us who cares if your feelings are hurt. He can bench 400+lbs, and also throws a mean tantrum.

Joe, the youngest of us three brothers, is a bit of a punk. He will attack from behind when you least expect it, so you need to keep your guard up at all times. He will take great offense to this, but don't trust him! Joe still lives at home. He doesn't have a job. His prospects aren't all that good. Ladies: surprisingly enough he's still single!

We're a rag-tag group, but we're a family and we love each other.