Our Story

Will and Sara met in mid-April, 2002. Will had just moved to Santa Rosa, California from Ottawa, Canada. Sara had been there for six months as a member of the domestic peace corps.

The two met in a coffee shop, but a little differently than most others do. Sara and her friends were there to watch a local band, Five AM. Will was there to see his new roommate, the drummer, in action.

Sara's friends were infatuated with the band. Will was infatuated with Sara. Will and the band-members left for the exclusive invite-only after party, Sara and her friends followed.

At the trendy nightclub, Sara and her friends mingled with the band. They were well received, and drinks and introductions were exchanged. Will was smitten, but wasn't brave enough to give Sara his number.

Instead, Will wrote his phone number on a peice of paper and handed it into the middle of Sara's circle of friends. One of Sara's friends took it. Disaster? No, the friend was one of Sara’s roomates and was interested in the drummer.

The group met for an epic hike the very next day. Will and Sara spent most of the time talking. They went out on their first date, to the Viansa Winery on Will's motorcycle, the next week. They've been together since.

Sara (according to Will)

Sara is a funny girl. She's small and cute, but she's also evil and ferocious. I mean, in a good way that I absolutely love. (read more)

Will (according to Sara)

Will is adventurous, enthusiastic, and determined. His sense of humor is a little twisted (read more)

18 Dec 2003: Centellax xmas party

8 Apr 2005: Apres ski