Sara Beth Fuller (according to Will)

Sara is a funny girl. She's small and cute, but she's also evil and ferocious. I mean, in a good way that I absolutely love. Here you see her at dinner, coy as could be, and later attacking a hair clip. It fought valiantly, but was defeated.

Sweet innocent Sara


Evil attack Sara

One of the things I enjoy most about Sara is her adventuresome spirit. She's always keen and eager to get out there, to lay seige to the day, to kick ass and chew bubblegum. She's not one to lay about letting life pass her by.

Napping at the beach


Sleeping in the snow

Okay, all kidding aside, I should probably save myself a severe beating and get to the mushy stuff. She's lovely. She sings in the car.



Road trip!

Sara is the kind of person who adopts an abused cat from the animal shelter. It was almost a year before Laci allowed Sara to pet her. Despite all the hissing, all the clawing, all the bloodshed and tears, Sara stuck with it. The cat now loves Sara. I guess this could be an allegory for our relationship, but I was okay with Sara petting me much earlier.

Sara with a Mexican cat


Enjoying the day

Sara is level-headed when I panic; just ask her about our first bay sail together. While I was preparing the flares and ditch bag, she was calmly steering us through waves breaking over the bow and drenching the boat. I brought up cold-water survival techniques; she told me to pull myself together and make her a sandwich. She's up for anything.

Sara at the helm


Tahoe, baby!

Sara is truly a rare and valuable wonder. I am a lucky guy.