Sailing San Carlos, Mexico

Right after New Years 2006, Sara and I spent a week sailing a 34' Coronado in the Sea of Cortez, between the Baja peninsula and the Mexico mainland. We did this to earn our ASA certificates for ocean sailing. It was an exciting adventure, and we had a fantastic time!

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The Proposal

The last day of the trip was a challenging overnight sail. We spent the day relaxing, had another awesome dinner, and reviewed the plans over and over again. We bundled up and sailed off into the night. We sailed all the way back to our port of departure, San Carlos.

The moon lit the first portion of our journey, helpful when getting away from the shore, and set just after midnight. The stars were so bright and plentiful that we could still see the boat, the water, and each other. We also had bright points of phosphorescence sparking in our wake.

It was magical. The sleep exhaustion certainly made it seem even more special.

Shown are two pictures of Sara, one at 10PM at the beginning of the trip, one at about 5AM the next morning. Cranky!

Happy Sara (10PM)


Cranky Sara (5AM)

Just before the sun rose, as we sailed back into San Carlos, I asked Sara to marry me. She said yes. We sailed in with dolphins swimming around the boat (really!), watched the sun rise, then collapsed and slept the rest of the day.