William John Dryhurst Sitch (according to Sara)

Will is adventurous, enthusiastic, and determined. His sense of humor is a little twisted -- there was the infamous fur-o-dynamics racing team, and the time he convinced everyone at his company's Christmas party that Saki was good for chugging.

Fur-o-dynamic racing


Mmmmm... saki

On occasion, Willís strong personality has led him to some sticky situations, but he always comes back home with a smile on his face, and a new story to tell.

Poor impulse control


Sticky situations

Will has the unique capacity to enjoy his life on a daily basis. He has a spontaneous spirit, and he brings me along for the ride. We go skiing at a momentís notice, go on weekend sailing/camping trips to Angel Island, travel internationally, and go for hikes on deserted beaches.

Exploring the lost coast


Log crossing

Will is also genuine, loving, loyal, and kind. He has a dedicated following of friends and family. He is the inventor of new and crazy games -- who else could have thought of adult pocket bike racing? Or midnight backhoe racing?

Pocketbike racing


Backhoe racing

Will is also the instigator of sweet and meaningful gestures: late night trips to the beach, and spur-of-the-moment celebrations with old friends and new.

I am so fortunate to have found Will. He keeps things light, and makes sure we are both enjoying our time with each other. I feel blessed to have him in my life.